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Best prescription lens company?

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I have a new Q2 and the image is OK, only OK.  I wear glasses, although with minor correction.  But the field of view is cropped with my frames, and it's overall uncomfortable to wear them with the headset.  If I could get rid of the frames and the glasses adapter I'd get my eyes closer to the lens and get a better FOV - I think.  I've seen several companies online that will make Rx adapters that go on the lenses, but don't want to make a mistake on which company I use.  Any experiences on who is the best?  Many thanks!

oculus made lense adaptors but you need your optision to made you new perscription lenses to fit in the adaptors

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I have to say I haven't been very impressed with Virtuclear/Framesdirect. For a start they don't ask for your prescription until after you have ordered and then they ask for it by email or an image upload instead of having a form that they could have some validation on. A couple of days after, I received an automated email from them saying they hadn't received my prescription. What they should have said, is that they had received it but that it needed to be verified against a copy from my optician or for me to acknowledge my responsibility for it.

In my haste I just sent the prescription again. Then I had an email from a human again saying they hadn't received my prescription, and in my haste I just sent the prescription again. Then I had another email saying they hadn't received my prescription, so I replied saying I had already sent it, included it again and asked them to please process my order.

I received another email, where they clarified that they needed to verify it or I could copy and paste their waiver paragraph. Why they couldn't use my previous email to go ahead, I don't know. I hadn't fully read their email, but then they opened with "We haven't received your prescription". Anyway, I cancelled my order when they said I had to copy and paste the waiver paragraph which I thought was ridiculous. I wonder what reflection on any subsequent customer service would be like.

I went with Adlens (I'm in the UK and they are a UK company) afterwards. They have a form to input your prescription. Next day I got an email saying they had received my prescription and need to verify it (I had ticked a box or something saying that I take responsibility for the prescription), then literally another minute later I got another email saying it had been verified and my order was being processed. A much smoother and reasonable process that made it clear what the status is.

I haven't received the lenses yet, but if I don't post back here then you can assume they were fine.
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I just ordered a pair from VR wave. Will try to update this when I get them.

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I have atrocious vision and ordered my prescription lens through Framesdirect. They’re great for me. In fact I don’t know if they’re any worse than my contacts, which is saying a lot for how bad my vision is. 

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Just got my Adlens lenses, faster than expected: Ordered late on the 21st and received today, the 27th, so 5/6 days including a weekend. They also came nicely packaged in a nice zip up case with a wipe. I had no problem fitting them although I had to put quite a bit of pressure on them to click into place. I thought they would sit almost next to the Oculus lens but they're perhaps 5mm away and the prescription lens is smaller than the Oculus lens. It doesn't adversely affect the field of view as the lens is that much closer to the eye. The inserts add a bit of bulk around the original eyepieces and this means they now touch my nose which is a pretty average size. I don't expect it to cause discomfort but some people may find they need to use the glasses spacer.

I have only briefly tested them and all looks good, might just be in my head but I think my vision is better than my glasses, perhaps because the prescription lens is aligned perfectly with the Oculus lens. One thing is for sure, I only have to worry about positioning the Quest now and not my glasses as well!

Happy with the service and happy with the lenses.
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Honored Guest
I recently received my lenses from Virtuclear/FramesDirect. I didn't have any issues with ordering and they got my prescription right. My only beef is that it took quite a long time. Ordered on 1/8 and finally received on 1/25. I received a hard glasses case and a microfiber cleaning cloth with the order. They go on pretty tight, and can be popped off but it takes a bit of effort. I have so far been able to use them without the glasses spacer without issue, which I like because it feels more immersive with the greater fov. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result.