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Beware Oculus support is a nightmare. Share your experience.


Is anybody else having these issues??? Worst customer service i have ever experienced in my life. I have never ever had such a bad experience with any video game systems or vr headset i have purchased. I have only had my headset for 3 months and the joystick in game movement goes in and out on my left controller. After so much back and forth and jumping thru hoops they tell me to take a video. A video would be useless and doesnt show the issue im experiencing and just makes things difficult on me. How am I suppose to catch that on video. Now they wont respond to me or even discuss honoring their warranty. Their warranty means nothing and the same issues im having with their product seem common online. I also payed for an elite headset with the battery pack. After 2 months the strap is almost completely cracked off and i cant get a response. After doing a google search it seems the strap cracking is happening to alot of people. I have had a playstation vr for years, Since playstation released it and i have never had a problem. May be Oculus will get it together for the quest 3 or 4 but for now I would advise buying another headset.


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Can't share your experience. Support was always helpful for me. 

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Its been pretty challenging. A phone number would improve the experience greatly, or even more information. The time to get a response is too long for email support only. The information provided also creates problems, I only get generic "thank you for your patience" statements, instead of actual dates or information'm ok with a delay, but not ok with  no timeline at all.

Sharing your experience doesnt have to be negative. If you had a positive experience share it. What was the reason or reasons you had to contact oculus. What did they do to help you. How long did it take. What was the process like. Post what you did to get such great results from them so that us who are haveing trouble can learn from your positive experience. May be im going about things the wrong way and i can get better results by learning from your experience. You just posting your experience was great without any details does not help the community. It makes it seem like you work for oculus. I would love to have nothing but positivity for oculus the way you do. SHARE with us.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree a phone number would make things way easier. I finally received a response from them today and it sounded promising. I will wait and see how things go and share how everything went when things move along.


I have spent more time with Oculus support than any other product I've bought in 52 years on this planet. Literally! I love my Quest 2, but my first unit had defective speakers, I've had a host of account-related errors, and now my Elite Strap has broken (yours will break, and continue to break until the warranty runs out).

Through it all, Oculus Support has been quick with the replies, but slow AF with the resolutions. They will use every stalling technique in the book - saying they don't have your preferred address, order number, serial number, phone number, etc. when all of this info was already submitted, or is on file from previous tickets anyway.

Every tech rep claims they will be handling your case from this point on, but they really only mean "until the end of my shift today." Then they will pass you like a hot potato to the next rep who will waste an entire exchange just introducing themselves instead of progressing your case. I don't mind multiple reps helping me, they shouldn't make the claim that they will help you from that point on. Their Support department is a smiling nightmare of stall tactics.

They've eventually solved all my problems, but not without unwarranted and maddening delays.


If you think Oculus support is bad just try Vive support, lol!  While I'm sure that due to the large influx of new Q2 users and the current pandemic support is maybe not as good and timely as it has been in the past.  However, it's still pretty good imho.  Also, I think that some people who post rants here also do this with support and this may make a difference to the support they actually get.  Sometimes we get the support we deserve, lol!

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You can LOL all you want, but you don't know the experiences I've had with Oculus support, nor the approach I've taken with them. To suggest I somehow deserve the bad tech support I've gotten is ludicrous. I'm happy for you that you've somehow gotten good support, but that's not been my experience. And believe me, when it comes to Oculus tech support, I've had plenty of experience.

Sorry but low-post-wonders do not have a lot of creditability imho.  Maybe I'm wrong in your case though and I hope you finally get the support you deserve mate.  Cheers.

i9 13900K water cooled, RTX4090, Z790 MB w/wifi6e, 32Gb 6400 ram, 2x2TB SSD, 1000W PSU, Win 11, QPro, Q3, w/Air Link, Vive Pro1 with Etsy lens mod and Index Controllers

User group trolls like yourself have even less credibility.  This thread was to share people's experience with tech support. Not to criticize or question other peoples' experiences. Don't you have anything better to do?