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Black Screen

Honored Guest

Bought my son an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas and he has not even got to use it because we keep getting a black screen. We first charged the device made sure light was green it pairs to the app just fine and then as soon as we turn it on we get the Oculus symbol and then a black screen like it has shut off. Sometimes we get a gray screen and then a few seconds later it is black. We have tried everything factory reset hard reset. Nothing is working. I did the stupid customer service chat and they are going to start an email conversation because the issue is going to take sometime. It honestly blows my mind that oculus does not have a phone number to talk to a live person. Its crap customer service. I wish i bought it from game stop or best buy so i would at least have them helping me but i instead buy it from the manufacturer website how dumb that i can not talk to a live person. Seems there might be something wrong with the software and i should be able to return it and get a working one...dont know what else to do