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Blade and Sorcery glitching after few launches


Does anybody else experiences weird loading glitches in B&S? First time i played for a day, and the day after when i clicked location on the map to load instead of seeing that orange loading I stayed in the lobby lagging hard. Opening and closing oculus menu brought the loading screen and the location loaded, but starting from then that happened every single time to the point that the opening oculus menu didnt help anymore and i had to uninstall the game. After that no problems till yesterday, loading screen glitch is happening again. Tried to find a way to report a bug in app or shop, but couldn't find any.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Czemysuaw, seems you're having some lag issues with B&S. We strive to build exciting products that offer unique experiences and the negative one you're having isn't at the bar we hold for Oculus. It's no secret that problems like these can have a powerful impact on your overall VR adventures, we're no stranger to these types of problems ourselves. Luckily, we've found some steps you could take, which we think would help us nail down key drivers in this obstacle.


  • Make sure you're not running any mods or that they are up to date and do not conflict
  • Uninstall the game (from Steam or Oculus)
  • Delete the Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery folder (if applicable)
  • Remove any traces of Blade & Sorcery from the Steam\steamapps\common folder (or alternatively from Oculus\Software\Staging\(game name)
  • Reinstall B&S (from Steam or Oculus)

If the issue persists, attempt a factory reset using this support article.



We hope that this alleviates the problem and improves your experience so you can get to exploring all of the exciting things VR has to offer. If it doesn't, feel free to follow up with us and we'll make sure this gets resolved.


Warm regards in this chilly season!

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The only folders i can see in Oculus folder are Avatars, Screenshots, Videoshots. I connected oculus to pc, turned on dev mode, accepted file access on oculus and have 'show hidden files and folders' checked in windows settings, but I can't find Software, Staging, or B&S folder anywhere. 

Game is still working the same way, sometimes forcing me to reboot oculus after freezing on loading. Today when i entered lobby i had set of weapons in holders that i used few reinstalls&installs ago, so i guess there are some old files interfering. Just can't locate them.
I would love to fix the problem manually, factory reset is something i want to avoid.