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Bluetooth audio game lagging??

Hey guys, i have a question regarding bluetooth audio adapter.

So when im playing steamvr or oculusvr via virtual desktop then the audio is mirrored, audio plays on headset and on tv for guests.

Now here is my problem, when playing a quest game and using sidequest to stream video to the tv, there is no audio,so i saw a couple of videos and threads that people use bluetooth adapters to stream the audio.

When i do that, then the video of the  games on the quest lags, like audio is perfect,but video plays at 3 to 5 FPS. And the sidequest stream does the same.

Anyone ever encountered this?

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If you connect Bluetooth through the Quest you will get bad lag, but if you have a 3.5mm plugin audio to bluetooth adapter it shouldn't affect it at all since it is still just sending out the audio it normally would.