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Build v31 arriving soon, opening the gate for more Mixed Reality experiences

Level 15

Ever since the passthrough camera innovation was released, I have let my mind run rampant with all the possibilities of mixing the real world and VR together. For those who have owned Quest since launch, you may (like me) have been a bit disappointed in the low amount of software available that truly lets the passthrough cameras shine.


Luckily, Version 31 of the Quest platform will allow developers to start building Mixed Reality experiences. I am really exciting to see what types of "new" experiences this will provided.


This update came from Zuckerberg on Facebook earlier today.





Level 9

Pass through is great feature! A step to AR! So you could use VR in real environment (or just be able to take a real cup of drink :)).

Also links to apps are great step to in-between-app interactions.