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Buzzing sound when volume on (built in speakers)

Level 2
Whenever I turn on/up the the build in speakers I hear a buzzing sound. Like an old amplifier turned all the way up with no signal. It becomes noticeable as soon as the volume is at 1 "bar" and it does not increase as I turn the volume further up. This goes away/comes again as I navigate in Menus/content. Anyone have the same problem?
Sincerely Jonas

Level 2
Whenever I navigate/mouseover apps i get the normal notification sound buy I also get the same buzzing sound.

Level 3
Im having this exact same problem. Im not sure if its been going on for a while and Im now just noticing it or if it started after an update. Has anyone found a fix? 

Level 4
I have found a bug suddenly.  When at any Home Virtual Environment except Bubbles or Passthrough. I can hear a background hiss like a frying, hissing and popping sound. The anomaly here is, it's most audible with the volume set to 1-10%. Unfortunately when just chilling in a Home Environment at low volume this is most distracting. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few environments and power cycled multiple times to no avail.

If the reader of this part wouldn't mind testing this as well? I am thankful. It's not the fan as when you lower the volume you should hear the sound stop and the reappear as you raise the volume slowly.  Try it with the Store launched for more noticable effects.

Maybe it's a "nose gate" issue as you can hear the same sound "behind" the UI sounds briefly as you select and move throughout the elements of the OS. Unfortunately it's heard at all times with a Home Environment featuring ambient sounds.

Level 2

Same here, I've got used to it now, but it is strange.

I've tried and the same thing is happening to me. The buzz only comes back on YouTube videos and games but beat saber demo and YouTube ads don't have it. Have you found a fix by now?