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Cable link microphone is being played back

I am using the Anker USB C cable 10ft/3m.
PC setup: I9-10900KF, RTX 3080 and 32GB RAM.
Headset: Quest 2

I have my audio settings set to Oculus Quest 2 audio into input/output, same on the Oculus Desktop Program and on PC. I would have to go to 'Volume Mixer' to mute my microphone feedback because I can hear myself. Its being picked through my headset and microphone. I cannot disable it because my microphone would be disabled. When I get off a game, the microphone that I muted and/or lowered down would instant go back to 100% and mess up. The only thing that is enabled when I start playing is the Oculus Quest 2 audio, I disabled the TV output devices.

How do I fix this?


Also I am using Anker Cable 10ft/3m. I haven't had an issue about 3-4days. It started to doing this now.