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Can I cast Quest 2 to LG Smart-TV without Chromecast?

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I just bought a Quest 2 and want to cast it to my LG Smart-TV but I can't find any apps that can do this on my TV. Is there a way to make this work without Chromecast?



You might be able to cast to a browser if your TV has one:

But how do you cast to a browser? Couldn't find that solution in the link.

The third option (cast to a computer) will open a link. 

I don't have a smart TV so can't check if it would work but I expect it will if they're on the same network. 

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Just use a hmd cable with a phone atatchment and use the oculus app to see what your headset is seeing


If you have a newer Samsung phone, you can cast to an LG TV using Samsung's Dex. 

  1. Go to your TV's input list and select the Screen Share
  2. Open Dex on your phone (hint: it's in the same place as your notifications rather than with the rest of the apps)
  3. Select the LG TV from the list
  4. Once connected, look at your phone notifications again to turn on the trackpad mode
  5. Open the Oculus app on your TV (using the trackpad)
  6. Cast to your Oculus app from your Quest (or initiate it in the app)

Sadly, I couldn't get the app to go full screen, so this is still not an ideal workaround (aside from the fact that you have to waste your phone's battery acting as a go-between), but it's better than nothing.

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The only way i can do it is cast to my phone but most TV's allow you to cast your phone to the TV even if the Quest cannot see it .. So it ends up being 3 way ... Quest to phone, phone to TV. 

But hey it works just fine 🙂