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Can You Guys Please Let Us Test Link Features Wirelessly?

I watched Carmack's keynote a couple times, and after he stated the cable would be capable of 150mb/s I started tinkering with my own local transfer rates between my wired desktop and my wireless laptop. Both devices are in the same room I would be testing Quest.

After a LOT of tinkering, I was able to maintain a stable transfer rate of 300mb/s over an hour using my Ubiquity LR-AC AP and Edgerouter. Once I was able to get this stable, I was able to run several -i 65500 ping tests and observed an extremely low latency over time as well. I am happy with where I ended up! 

Now obviously I could try this with the Quest using ALVR or Virtual Desktop sideloading, but if I did that I would miss out on all the features of Oculus Link, like the rendering techniques. There are obviously so many low level things that Oculus can do that these third parties cant since they own the hardware and OS. Not only that, but I wouldn't be able to access my library of content on Oculus Home without using Revive. I'm not nearly as interested in ALVR + Revive on Oculus Home as I am testing the fully fledged Link features wirelessly.  

I wouldn't even mind if I have to jump through a lot of hoops to try this. I get that most people can't get a fast local speed with a low latency over wifi. I don't think it would be poisoning the well if Oculus made wireless Link features tedious to enable, but I totally understand if this doesn't end up getting supported. I just wanted to make my case and see if I could change anyone's mind about it. I was crossing my fingers for this to be a launch feature, but I do realize how incredibly unlikely that is. 

I would love to compare my wireless setup to the tethered experience on day 1!  

For real, 150mbits? They told that usb 2.0 (up to 480mbits) cable wont work with oculus link so they made their own usb 3 optical fiber cable, probably able to hold transfer speed up to 10Gbits, and there are 2 to 3 meters long cables on the market capable of 5Gbits.