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Can i play games that i got on a quest 2 on a Quest

Honored Guest

So I had to sell my Quest 2 and I'm now thinking of getting a Quest.

I was just wondering if I can play games I got on the Quest 2 on a Quest.


All I had was basic games like Superhot, VR chat, and beat saber.


Or am I missing something that tells me I can?

sorry if this sounds stupid


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Speedy233, great question! You can see which platforms a game supports on its store page under the section "Supported Platforms." It'll say "Quest," "Quest 2," or even both. Superhot VR, Beat Saber and VRChat support Quest, but be advised that some newer games like Blade & Sorcery: Nomad and Resident Evil 4 VR only support Quest 2. Hope this info helps! 

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