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Can not access wishlist for my account

Level 2
For the last month I have been trying to access my wishlist from my headset, my app, and the oculus website and can not do so. On the website I get an error that says "we encountered and error and are trying to fix it" my app just says "no apps found" and on the Quest itself, I get the error "no internet connection." I do have internet working on the headset, and have items in my wishlist. When I go into the store on my headset it website I see some of the ones I have wish listed under "wishlist." Once I click on "view all" that's when it crashes. I've tried contacting support but they haven't responded in nearly a week so I thought there might be a solution here.

Level 2
This is the link that I found on Google that take me straight to my wish list:
Still, no idea why it shows up on Google, and there's no way I can find a path on the main website to navigate to this site.