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Can't leave a review - or edit existing reviews - on Quest store


On the Oculus storefront (the website) I am trying to leave reviews for Quest games I own but there is no blue "Leave a review" button.

I can edit reviews I have already written, but when I click "Submit", nothing happens.

I am signed in correctly.
I am able to leave reviews on the app on the phone and for Rift games on the Oculus Windows app.

Any advice?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Michael, we'd be interested in looking further into this. Could you please click here to submit a ticket and include some screenshots of what you're seeing? Thanks.

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Honored Guest

I am also having this issue. I can edit existing reviews (update review), but there is no option to make a new review. I tried to make a ticket, but they said that they can't/won't help me and that I have to contact the devs (so I'd have to contact like 60+ devs)


Here is an example of what I see: