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Can you charge while playing?

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I heard somewhere that charging the Quest 2 would degrade battery life extremely fast, is this true?

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You should be just fine. The elite strap with battery is designed to keep the headset charged the whole time. Which is very similar if not the exact same thing as having it plugged in.

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The same person that said that has a Youtube channel where she claimed that siri was better than Google assistant and that the only way to manage files on Android was with Drop box or with Google drive claiming ios had better file management so yeah she doesn't know what she's talking about. Lol.

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@Failrunner ??
@AustinAKR I was talking to an agent and had a fairly useless exchange. I guess avoid plugging it in.

Me: Can I use the Quest 2 while it's plugged in to keep it at full charge?
Zyrhine K: Using the device while it's plugged would work but please be advised that it is not recommendable as it may casue damage the device.
Zyrhine K: cause*
Me: The Elite Head strap with battery always keeps the headset charged. So what's the difference?.
Zyrhine K: I understand your frustration with this. The Elite Strap was made and tested for its purpose but using only the device while charging may damage itself just like other gadgets.
Me: How would the damage happen?
Zyrhine K: The usual damage to its performance. It may cause lagging.
Me: What is usual damage?
Zyrhine K: It may cause overheating which may lead to explosion.
Zyrhine K: And it would not be charged well which usually cause damage to the battery of the headset.
Me: What's the difference between the cable and the Elite strap with battery?
Zyrhine K: One moment, let me check my resources for you.
Zyrhine K: For the Quest 2 Elite strap with battery, it is for the long battery life and it doubles your game time. You may see further details here:

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Uhh. But link charges it and that’s fine? 

I've often used my charger when playing with my Q1 for about a year mow, no problem.  Just make sure that your Quest battery is at least 80% charged before playing it with a charger connected.  If your internal battery is much below this then playing/charging can heat up your internal battery a little too much which may decrease its life.
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Short answer, it will work fine in most cases.


Long answer, playing while charging will produce more heat and has the small risk of overheating the device particularly when the battery is lower thatn 80% as @TomCgcmfc said.  It can also degrade the battery faster in the long term.  I always refer to a linus tech tips video where they did some testing and found that to maximize your battery life keep the charge between 60% and 90%.  The video was for cell phones but applies to pretty much anything with a lithium ion battery like the quest.

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