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Cannot Launch Oculus Home - New setup


Bought the Oculus Quest 2 today and after trying to setup Oculus Home I get past the "Choose Profile Picture" stage and then it gets stuck on a grey/black screen.

Reinstalled including deleting leftover files & reg entries, disabled AV/Firewall and updated all drivers but nothing works 😞

oculus.JPGTried a new profile and reinstalling Windows as a last resort, same result!

Logs are pretty useless - service log repeats this every few minutes
26/03 18:32:23.170 {!ERROR!} [FBNS Manager] Token verification timed out, attempting to register again.
26/03 18:32:23.506 {INFO} [FBNS Manager] Registered push token {"data":{"add_push_token":{"client_mutation_id":"3724","token":{"app_version":"","device_id":"14459426-9341-46d3-9214-630599c46955","id":"100345618828270","os_version":"5.0","owner":{"alias":"CyrusGrissom01","id":"100268338835998","name":null},"push_token":"{\"k\":\"eyJjayI6Ijk2OTA2MDI1NzYyMTMzMCIsImFpIjo1NjczMTAyMDM0MTUwNTIsImRpIjoiMTQ0NTk0MjYtOTM0MS00NmQzLTkyMTQtNjMwNTk5YzQ2OTU1IiwicG4iOiJjb20ub2N1bHVzLnBsYXRmb3JtIn0=\",\"v\":0,\"t\":\"fbns-b64\"}","token_app":{"__typename":"CoreApplication","display_name":"OculusSetup.exe","id":"1582076955407037"}}}}}
26/03 18:32:26.067 {WARNING} [AppFocusObserver] thread took longer than 50s to execute: 546863ms
26/03 18:32:26.146 {INFO} [AppFocusObserver] Reacting to query end session event (WM_QUERYENDSESSION).
26/03 18:32:26.154 {!ERROR!} [Skyline] [skyline_exceptions] { exceptionName: Unhandled JS Exception, message: Renderer proccess crashed, shutting down, origin_app_name: skyline, sessionId: 1616783112842, }