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Cant open some oculus quest 2 apps

Honored Guest

So, some of my apps just won't work, one being my favorite game, beat saber. I've had this happen for a while with one of my apps but I never used it much anyways. Then recently, it happened with beat saber. What happens is, I click on the app, and it acts like it'll load but then takes me right back to the home page. Any suggestions?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We'd like to gather some more information about this, can you please click here to submit a ticket? Thanks.

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This is happening to me since Friday! Beat saber works but other games are loading and then kicking me back tk the Home Screen. Have you managed to fix it? 

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I'm having the same issue. Other apps seem to run fine, but Beat Saber just dumps me back onto the home screen. I just recently purchased Demeo and was looking forward to playing it, but this is doing the same thing. I submitted a ticket from my headset but have not heard back on anything yet. Following this thread to see if anything turns up.