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Casting from Quest 2 to URL, Phone, or Chromecast doesn't work anymore?

I was able to previously see the list of all my chromecast cast enabled devices in the headset. Was able to see the Chromecast Ultra, Two Chromecast Gen 3s, and the Google Nest Hub which I silly casted to before.
Today, 12/1/2020, I can't get my headset to cast at all, sometimes when right after rebooting the headset, it shows one or two cast devices but I try to click one and it errors out on the message right when it says it's connecting.
I've tried looking for anything that would break this feature, enabling multicast-dns, etc. I can cast my laptop tab with Google Chrome just fine right to the screen in less than a second, but trying to get the Quest 2 to connect, keeps erroring.

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think i have same issue , just opened quest 2 today it ran all updates (V23) and cant get it to pick up any cast devices at all , even trying to cast to computer using chrome its just blank screen then it times out... i was able to get it to cast to the phone after disabling and enabling wifi on the quest itself, but thats not really what i was going for. Hopefully this gets sorted as i really wanted this feature 

Quest 2
Unifi AC Pro AP (all on same SSID and 5ghz)
Chromecast with google tv, Nest hubs

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hi all, I had the same issue too. it looks like this happens after the latest update. I was able to solve this issue by performing a restart to my quest 2. This enabled the new update properly and now I can see the computer popping up in the devices list. I can also see the voice command button in the main menu.

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I have the same issue too. Was working ok up until 3 days ago.