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Changing from CV1 to Quest

Level 5
I've had a CV1 since year 1, but now my wife is buying me a Quest for my Birthday next week (she has always complained since day 1 that why would anyone release something like this that's tethered, everything should be wireless these days! Lol).

So, I know most of my Rift library won't come over to the Quest - but is there an easy way to find out which games I have I can get for free on the Quest with out having to check one-by-one? Yes - I will be getting a link cable....


Level 10
Do you mean which games on the Rift are crossbuy with Quest? Try this link

All of your Rift library games should be playable on Quest using Oculus Link.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
If you browse the Quest store while logged into your account, everything you have access to via cross-buy will list the price as “Free”.

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Level 8
Your wife’s sentiment is dead on. I love gaming in my quest, when I have to put on a tethered headset, it’s a bit disappointing. Check out the Lambda 1VR project. Full Half Life One in VR on your Quest with no tether and full hand implementation with your weapons/flashlight 🙂

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