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Controller lag at main menu / universal menu [V27]

Honored Guest

I have an issue when my Controller is pointing at a certain menu element (like the store) the controller jitters (like it's losing frame). Same thing happened when I open the universal menu in a game. The tracking jitters. Using the browsers will also result in some jittering when moving the controller.


When I recenter my playspace, and the main menu goes to a new location and I move my controller at the area where the main menu used to be (where jitter occurs previously), the jitter doesn't happen. When I change the virtual environment to the bubble, the jitter goes away,


For the universal menu controller jitter, it seems to happened 360 and changing virtual environment doesn't help .


During gameplay (Beat Saber and Gorn) for 1 hour ++, I didn't encountered any noticeable tracking (360 tracking) issue. So it's not due to controller tracking.


I have disabled Guardian and Factory reset twice and still the jitter happens. 

In conclusion there are jitters when I point the controller at anything made by oculus (which related to dashboard), During thegame no issue.

Anyone got any solution for this ?