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Controller tracking

Level 7

New here, I would like to note the various tracking issues we have experienced and would like a comprehensive troubleshooting guide or recommendations if possible.




we have 2 oculus quests, frequently play beat saber in the same living room that is large, seems to throw off tracking for each other, worse at night. The room has a large flat screen TV, has a mirror on the other side, and a plug in oscillating ion fan.


there should be a way to troubleshoot and see if there are interferences with tracking, possibly utilizing augmented reality/passthrough 


It is immensely frustrating to lose tracking and to “miss” notes on expert plus, the most common notes are of course the most lateral notes as potentially the camera could lose sight of the controller 


this seems to be a problem exclusively for beat saber of course as timing is everything 


side note, if there were controllers available for purchase that somehow improved tracking I could not imagine a beat saber regular not picking these up right away, but it seems tracking is probably more related to the headset and cameras themselves than the actual controller.




lighting recommendations? We have an overhead light in the living room, should we introduce 2 lamps placed on opposite sides with the cover off to illuminate the room more at night? 

two quests on in the same room (enhances our experience as we play mostly co op and competitively play exclusively together) does this throw off tracking and is there a way around it (facing opposite directions etc) 


how much influence does the off tv have on tracking? Does it need to be covered with a towel? 

the mirror is on opposite side of the room but it does of course raise the question if this needs to be moved. 

turning off cell phones. I cannot believe this helps but honestly shutting off my phone improves tracking somehow, or at least percentage of notes hit on an expert + song, makes me wonder if wifi connection (top tier connection with ability to play pcvr) is more of an influence than the actual tracking camera. We have a tv, 3 laptops, 3 cell phones, 2 oculus quests connected to Internet at all times and never experience slowdown on streaming or general internet browsing, we do not play multiplayer on beat saber we utilize playing solo and picking songs at the same time and comparing scores. 

We have cleaned the lenses and changed the batteries to the appropriate type in order to maximize our tracking. We have changed the hz to manual to ensure better tracking. 

All other thoughts, experiences, and recommendations are welcomed! 



Level 4

....and of course.. no answers!! UGH! I think A LOT of us are having this issue!! Myself included!! Same as u... on beat saber on E+. I find myself having to slow down my swing just to make sure I hit the notes! My daughter also has the same OQ2 and plays in the next room. Makes no difference.  The only difference I see is that My set was purchased 7 months ago and I use it daily for about 3 hrs.  My daughter is newer, and she plays less often, and at a much slower pace. When I try out her Q2, it still plays like its new. So I'm guessing its a "mileage" issue now.   The more hours you put on these things, the worse they get. Im ready to go out and purchase a brand new router in hopes that it was resolve the issue.... as of now we are using the one supplied by Cablevision. I too go around disconnecting everything just to be sure I have the strongest connection.  But beat saber is becoming hopless now with this terrible tracking. I like to play in multiplayer, but its getting to be not worth it anymore. 

I do know that you are supposed to cover any mirrors in the room. So maybe thats an issue?   Try playing in separate rooms for an hour and see what happens. Or play  at separate times just to see. PLEASE report your finding on here, as it may help others 🙂