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Controllers - Low/dead battery (but they're not...)

Level 3
I've had my Quest for about 2 and a half weeks or so but have started having issues with the controllers. I get a message that the batteries for the controllers are low then they die and I lose tracking and they don't work at all. The batteries are not dead. I've also tried replacing them with new batteries with the same result. If I take the batteries out then put them back in again they'll work for a short while (maybe a minute) and show that the batteries are at normal levels, but then it'll stop working again. It just started happening after the latest update, but I'm not sure if it's related.
Initially it just started with the right controller saying it was dying, then it was both controllers, and now it's just the left one doing it... I did try a few things to fix it, such as changing the batteries as i mentioned before, un-syncing and re-syncing the controllers, and removing the batteries, waiting a few minutes, and reinserting them again but the issues persist. It definitely seems more software related than hardware, but that's my guess.
This issue is of course preventing me from using my Quest at all which is very disappointing, especially since it wouldn't work for my visitors over Christmas.

Anyone have experience with this issue? Anyone able to solve it? I haven't attempted a factory reset, that seemed like the nuclear option, but maybe I just need to...? Thanks for any insight you guys can provide!

Level 3
Sorry, I should have done a little searching in the forums first. Looks like this is a pretty common issue recently... Hopefully we'll get a fix soon...

Level 3
Just a quick update if others come to this thread, I chatted with support and they advised a factory reset. So I went ahead and did so, but the controllers only worked for under 10 minutes after turning it back on again. I'm continuing troubleshooting with support, I'll update here if anything pans out...

Level 3
Looks like I'll be mailing back both of my controllers for replacements...
Guess I'll update in a couple weeks when this process is finally complete  😞

Level 4
Thank you for updating this for everyone!

Level 3
Hey I have the same issue with one of my controllers - I'm assuming the replacement controllers solved the issue?

Level 2

Same exact problem. My son got it 4 days ago for his birthday. Right controller battery shows dead but when I switch with the left the exact same problem. Right controller is clearly defective. So lame.