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Crowdsourcing List of Quest 2 multi-user compatibility - please add

Honored Guest

There's no official list (as of 3/4/21) of titles that are compatible with sharing the new multi-user feature on Quest 2 and it's not included in app pages. New apps are required to support it but existing apps may not. Since this is information that may help people choose whether to buy something, let's start a thread of compatibility reports. Please reply if you have paid apps/content and multi-users with information on compatibility and the date you tested. I'll start below and try to add information from replies into the OP (and note changes to previous reports) when editing. I'm adding a second list to note features without full compatibility as well. Please correct if you find something wrong as well.



  • Beat Saber - no multi-user support (3/4/21)
  • Thrill of the Fight - multi-user sharing (3/4/21)


  • Pairing and Cast - appear to be primary user only (3/4/21)