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Current Quest Questions...

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Anyone else seen these or know of fixes?

  1. Angled dialogs - unable to interact; Forced reboot killed the Quest dead for 10 hours. No lights, no reset, no hard reset, no factory reset, nothing.
  2. Avatar update - changed the top icon correctly but the main screen icon under the toolbar hasn't updated
  3. Blue dot on library to denote new items doesn’t clear when all items have been opened
  4. Brightness - Any white text/graphics are far too bright, no controls to fix it like on the Go
  5. Home screen Greeting wrong, 'Good Morning' @ 14:45, 'Good Evening' @ 10:00; Currently says 'Welcome Back' so might have been addressed?
  6. Keeps turning on, despite Auto-On being OFF and Sleep set to 15 seconds
  7. PayPal purchase - gives 'OOPS' dialog, but it works, I am charged and app installs!
  8. Volume button for selecting buttons doesn’t work
  9. Can't remove unwanted apps from the library; so I have Journey of the Gods AND it's demo. Be nice if I could delete the demo. I know it's not installed but it is annoying.
  10. Transfer photos off the Quest to a Mac/iPad wirelessly without Facebook?
  11. On the power settings page it keeps showing 'Auto Wake-Up' as NEW, I have cleared it but then it comes back, much like the blue dot issue.
  12. During the initial setup it refused to take the wifi password, it kept telling me it was wrong despite the headset connecting and then spending 14 hours downloading an update. (Once installed the setup then worked properly. It would have been nice if the update waited until AFTER the setup had been done).

Liking the Quest so far, other than the initial 14 hours while it forcibly installed the update in the midst of setting it up on the iPhone and the 10 hour period after the odd crash when I thought it was bricked, thankfully it came back and is okay at the moment. Though I have had the angled dialogs a couple of times since!

'Angry Birds' is excellent, as is 'Journey of the Gods' and 'Wander'. 


I’m am having an avatar toolbar isn’t visible. I am trying to setup avatar. When I click on “edit avatar” it brings me to arena but no avatar toolbar appears just empty arena