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Disable hand controller in-game VR images?

Level 4

I use often use the Quest 2 to fly VR in X-Plane (and it is an amazing experience! I'm just about to spend a small fortune in fact upgrading my PC in order to maximise the joys of this: buying the Oculus Quest was only the start of the expense!). Once the cockpit is set up I hardly need to use the controllers until descent time, like most 'simmers', I fly with hardware - joystick, throttles and so on - so I tend to put the handsets aside: the 'ghost' images of both controllers are still visible, so I put the physical hand controllers in a place where, within the VR 'game' I cannot see them, behind me maybe, but instead of the images disappearing when the controllers are not being handled, the controllers seem not to like being 'ignored': every so often their VR representations suddenly reappear in front of me (and often then fly off into mid-distance): I have to retrieve the physical controllers until they vibrate, and then set them down again. But this charade continues ad nauseam. 


Is it possible to tweak something so that the two VR controller images that appear within an app/game are only visible when the controllers are being held and in use (and for a short time afterwards, no problem)? I obviously don't want to disable the hand controllers themselves: I just don't need to see their VR selves darting around the VR space like this at regular intervals. If not, it would be great if Oculus could introduce an option not to have the handsets remind the user in this way that they haven't been touched for a little while.


Unfortunately, X-Plane doesn't seem to support the hand-tracking option (which would be very cool indeed).


Thanks for any help with achieving that - I can't find anything in the Quest settings - or even by Googling. 


Level 4

I found someone has created a file which will make the controllers invisible in X-Plane, so problem (of dancing controller images in front of your face every ten minutes) solved.