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Does Sideload Update need Dev Mode on or not (USB Install Mode/Safe Mode Menu)

Honored Guest

I had to factory reset my quest 2 after the last user didnt clear their stuff off of the quest 2 headset I bought online used. while I was in safe mode (I refuse to call it usb install mode), I saw an option called sideload update; I am familiar on the instructions on how to sideload non-oculus vr games (ala sidequest/adb, or games not explicitly hosted on sidequest) and how to sideload quest 2 updates as well,  and I read up that sideload update is for when reinstalling the entire firmware is a must, but it makes me wonder if I can bypass the dev mode requirement entirely regarding updates


so level with me: is it possible to sideload official updates to the quest 2 using the Safe Mode "Sideload Update" option without needing a quest 2 in dev mode, or MUST it be in dev mode for any adb sideloading to work?