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Don't Buy Saints and Sinner on Steam. Cross-Buy!

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The developers have stated that if you buy the game on the Oculus Rift or Rift S, you will get a free cross-buy copy for your Oculus Quest when it releases for the Quest in quarter 3.

Normally I would just purchase on Steam and call it a day, but in this case, buying from Oculus may be a better option for some. 

This just goes to show you that porting a game to the Oculus Quest is not some major issue for developers, and they should all be cross buy. I'm looking at you Arizona Sunshine :blush:

Porting a game to quest IS a major issue for developers, thats why you're getting it in the 3rd quarter instead of this week. Dont underestimate the amount of effort needed to get something running on that hardware.

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But who wants to play a version of the game where you can count the polys with your naked eye?  😉 

The Steam version has native Oculus driver support and should perform exactly like the version sold in the Oculus Store. Should work perfectly using Quest Link - which btw might provide you with the optimal experience, since a lot indicates the game was designed for oled hmds. 

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 I haven't seen any ported game that you can count the polygons with the naked eye on the Quest. The better resolution to the CV1 has always been apparent on the Quest. What does look different if present at all is shadows and certain colors get changed, especially reflective colors like silver.
 Sounds like sound advise to me to get it from the Oculus store   
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