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Download complete, no installation

Honored Guest

Hello all,  i am new to this vr world, so i have a probably minor issue, but I can't handle it. I am trying to install app via the oculus browser page. It says download, but then it goes purchased and stopps. No installation although the quest is connected. What am I doing wrong?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Rubinschwein! We know new users have many questions, and we're here to answer all of them! Quest 2 has a built in app store that you can access by clicking on the bag icon on your home menu. Also, you can set apps and games to download by purchasing them on the mobile device linked to your headset so you don't have to be in VR to purchase new games! The Oculus Browser is used for browsing the internet on your Oculus device. The slight confusion is understandable though, we hope this cleared up some things for you. If any more questions persist, feel free to reach out anytime!  

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