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Downloaded and saved videos from the Oculus TV app are gone.

I downloaded and saved (saved cache version) some videos from the Oculus TV and a couple of days later I want to show my friends and I can't find them anymore when searching with similar queries.

For the moment I find the Oculus content very limited. And the fact that cached video's suddenly disappear and unfindable again very un-user-friendly. Is it facebook deciding to take the video off of the Oculus platform?


The first few moments I got the Oculus quest 2 I was blown away. but the longer I browse content and the more weird bugs show up the more disappointed I get.


Well I'm going to answer my own question. It's just a matter of searching in the interface. So just not being so user-friendly actually. The cached videos are in the bottom under "TV" -> "Your media". So not under "Saved" or anything. Not on the left, no on the bottom of the TV app...

Why aren't these just listed under the Explore -> Saved? The whole feel of the Oculus interface is just very scattered. Everything a user owns, downloads, buys, caches, ... should be on 1 single page in 1 nice overview.

+ improve the search engine. People are missing out on content because not all the relevant results show up when searching for certain keywords.

When I search for the word "Vulcano" then the video "Exploring Uzon Kamchatka "The land of fire and ice"" is not in the results while it is the one I was looking for and would be very relevant...