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Elite Dangerous

Level 5
So im just hoping someone will have some information for me in advance of getting my Quest 2.

Elite Dangerous, is available in the Rift store.

I have this game on both PC and Xbox already.
Because the game is not cross platform, I have 2 separate accounts.

If I buy the Rift version, it says I have access to anything, Horizons, ect, in my Frontier account.
But which account will/can I access? As I have 2.

Will i have access to Odyssey when I buy that as well?

Can I login to either? Or Pc only?

Also, does my entire profile transfer? Or do I need to start another new account on the Rift platform?

Just trying to sort things out ahead of time.

Yes, I could just use the Steam version to play, I know, BUT, I must assume the Rift version is more optimized for the Oculus headsets and link, and I dont mind the cost to purchase the game again. Im just on the fence if I have to restart a new profile.

Level 11
You can use your profile on any of the 3 methods of using Elite. That's the Frontier Developments installer, Oculus or Steam.

If you have two accounts, like I have, all you do is sign in with the account you want to use.

One of my accounts is the Commander version - which has access to everything currently available - and the other is just the standard game + Horizons. I only need to install the game once - I log in with the Commander version and everything is downloaded. When I sign in with my alternate account, the extras I get with the Commander version are not available.

So basically, don't worry about it. Just sign in with whichever account you want to use, do the authentication and you're off.
There is no "Oculus" or "Steam" version - they are all the same, they just address the relevant VR system to run the headset, that's all.

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Level 5
Ok, most of that all makes sense...
Except... Im still unclear about the Xbox account part.

I dont think I can login to that account, please correct me if im wrong. But I cant login to that account on PC/Steam and play it with all my ships ect. Thats never been possible from what im aware of.

Frontier offers a one time switch, where they will convert all my ships ect to credits, and move the credits to my PC account. But there is no way to use my Xbox ships as they are, on PC/PCVR.

Thats why I have 2 accounts now, had to start a new one on PC.

So are you sure I can login to the Xbox account version?
I mean, I have the deluxe edition on both Xbox and PC, so the same features, but its about the progress in game. Im dual elite in Xbox, but not even single elite in PC yet. I would prefer to use my Xbox account and progress.

But if I have too ill use my PC profile, no biggie... what I want to be sure of, is that I'll have access to my ships ect, on which ever i login with, and not have to start a whole new, 3rd profile, if I buy the Rift version.

And as for Oculu vs Steam version, I get the game itself is the same. But Steam doesn't optimize the game for Oculus Quest output does it? So the Rift version would, in my theories atleast, atleast understand the Oculus hardware and optimization requirements better...? Have you tried both way to see oif one is better?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I don’t think you need to buy the Rift version—it’s just the same PC version you already own. You should be able to play it in VR without buying anything else. 

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Level 5
True, and I get that...
But are you/we sure that the Rift version isn't more optimized for the Quest headsets?

If its really identical, than yea, ill just use the steam one, or if steam is in fact better.

But if the Rift one is even slightly better, especially in the future if the Link system is able to use the Mobile chip inside the Q2 to help take the stress of the PC, than im more than willing to scoop up the Rift version.

Lol, I just want to know if I get the Rift version and login to say my PC account, will my ships actually be available to me as they are in Steam? Or will I just have the Horizons add on ect, but a whole new profile starting from scratch ?

Level 15
Horizons will be free to anyone who purchased Elite Dangerous on either 26th or 29th of October, I can't remember which date. I'm looking forward to getting it free because I've had countless problems trying to activate it on Steam after I purchased Elite Dangerous from their web page and linked it to Steam.

Level 11
It doesn't matter which platform you buy on - PC, Oculus/FB or Steam. You can play it on all 3.

I bought mine direct from Frontier - but I can play it on their installer, Oculus platform, or in Steam. You just install whichever one you want - the codes are in your account at the Frontier webstore. You can try it in each one and make up your own mind - but there is no difference. Trust me - I've had all 3 installed and saw zero difference and played with Index, Rift CV1 and Quest with Link.

If you want to play it on Quest/2, I would recommend installing the Steam or Oculus ones (rather than the FD one) and use Virtual Desktop to play it wirelessly. It's very liberating in sims to be wire free.

i5 9600k @4.5GHz; 16GB DDR4 3200; 6xSSD; RTX2080ti; Gigabyte Z390D Mobo
Rift CV1; Index; Quest; Quest 2

Level 5
awesome, sounds like a plan!

Thanks everyone!