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Elite Strap Battery no longer working - help?

Level 2
Hi guys,

sorry if this was posted before but I couldn't find any post with the search engine. I have the Quest 2 + Elite Strap Battery and both worked like a charm. However, since yesterday (might have been before but that's when I noticed) my battery in the strap is no longer shown in the interface. The battery of the headset itself is draining pretty quickly so I assume it is indeed not using the battery pack. The weird thing is that the headset charges if I plug in the power supply into the USB port of the battery pack. So it does not appear to be broken. A restart of the headset has not helped. Do you guys have any idea what I should do?


Level 2
Hi! I have similar issue! My headset does not see the battery anymore. The charging through the battery of the headset is not working too. Have you found a solution?

Level 4
if you have the original you are liable for a recall off that strap i am sure