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Entire Oculus Order Not Delivered

Level 3
So I've been excited to get the quest 2 since I ordered it and I got a delivery estimate for today 10/13 but once I was emailed about my package being delivered and opened it I only got my logitech headset and vr cover replacement even tho I ordered a link cable, the quest 2 with 256gb and the elite strap with the battery bundle.
Can anyone help me figure out why I only got 2 out of the 5 items?9b54qcog9iap.jpgc422gbdc3q3o.jpg

Level 3
Proof i only got the headset and facial coverkfwd3o1tj8cq.jpg

Level 3
I only got my Quest 2 and cable. I would wait and see if rest of order shows up. If not call support from where you purchased.

Level 2
Same here. I received the headset and VR covers I ordered today, but not the Elite Strap with Battery and Carrying Case.

Level 2
Same thing happened to me ordered 6 items got 4.    Didn't get the Quest 2 or the Strap w/ Battery.
Though my Invoice / shipper insinuates that all shipped.

Would have rather been the other way around, cant do anything with the accessories without the Quest 2.

Submitted a ticket.   We will see.


Level 3
Turns out my quest 2, elite strap, and link cable are processing through oculus' system idk why so late but atleast i got an answer. Ty to the people who replied

Level 5
They ship the packages seperately, very odd. My Head Strap isn't even shipped yet, even though it was purchased, like, RIGHT at the Facebook Connect. It's a joke.

Level 8
Oculus forgot that yesterday was Columbus day, most people will be getting their headset tomorrow.

Level 2
I ordered the Quest 2 with the elite battery and case.  Got the Quest and not the other stuff.  Looks like it’s not just me 

Level 7
My heaset is due to get here tomorrow, but I was supposed to get the Elite Strap, Case, alt interfaces and VR Cover today...all I received was the VR Cover 😞