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External Storage Options

Honored Guest

Hey, I bought the 128gb Quest 2 at the re-release and was wondering if I could buy a usb-c drive for more storage? 

Ever since an update a few weeks ago I can no longer stream videos at qualities higher than 1440p which makes them super fuzzy are hard to watch. I have to download the higher 5k-8k videos in order to watch them. This in turn has caused my storage capacity to dwindle. 

I saw a few reddit posts about the Quest 1 and not supporting usb storage, is that still applicable to the Quest 2 or does Facebook sell their own usb storage?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there dburke1257, thanks for reaching out. We see you are inquiring about extra storage options as well as discussing a video viewing problem you are having with your Quest 2. 


Oculus still has no options for external storage for the Quest 2, however we do recommend deleting the videos you install after you watch them to help conserve your storage.


We do have some information about the blurry video issue you are having. It is known that the native resolution of the Quest 2 is 8k. This means that videos with significantly lower pixel quality can appear as distorted or blurry due to the Oculus device not being able to easily convert it to the higher scale resolution it is equipped with. What application are you downloading and streaming videos from? This could also play a part in the issue you are having.



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