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Facebook Account Concerns with Purchase

Honored Guest
I just purchased the Oculus 2 (Like 5 mins ago) and found out in a review after purchase that it requires a Facebook account and that my Facebook must match my ID. However, I use my step father's last name on my Facebook account and is a name my family and friends commonly refer to me. I worry that I won't be able to use my quest or that my Facebook account will get banned giving my last names will not match. 

Not applicable
It is way too intrusive. No other electronic device requires such personal detail to operate. Vote with your wallet by returning this intrusive device.
You can live quite happily without being a facebook sheep.

Honored Guest
I really don't care about needing a Facebook account or what info they get out it as there isn't anything on there that isn't already public. A bit of an intrusive move?, Yes I can see how that is, but that doesn't answer my question because I only posted here to find out if I will have a problem using the headset or not. If I have to end up selling it, or returning it, I will. Though not the prefferred outcome I am looking for. 😕