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Facebook Live comments and viewers not coming through

Level 3

Every time I go live and enable comments and viewers, the count just stays at zero across the board. Any thoughts? Running a Quest 2 


Level 3

I have the same problem! I really don't know what's wrong.

Level 3

This was working for me about a month ago….. but my first live stream to Facebook since V28 showed the same behaviour as being discussed here.  Now I have no way of interacting with stream viewers.  Submitted a ticket.  Hope this can be fixed soon!

Level 2

I have the same issue. Or comment box isnt behind me its right in my face. Would be nice to stream to twitch directly

Well I don't think they will fix it soon. I have raised a ticket month ago too and they just told me to do a factory reset. Since I knew from other discussion threads about this topic that many people tried it but it didn't help, I didn't dare to venture this option, as I don't want to get rid of all my data on the device. I was actually hoping that v28 will somehow fix the problem but apparently this is a lasting issue 😞

Level 3

I came here hoping to find the fix for this problem 😕 I’ve also made a ticket and nothing has happened yet. 
I hope this gets fixed soon! I’m sure many people have submitted tickets concerning this issue.