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Fan in Oculus Quest adds to presence!

Rising Star
The fan inside the Oculus Quest really adds to the presence. Just having that small amount of air pushed into the headset is really amazing. It makes the environment I'm playing in seem much more realistic. This is something the developers should add to every headset developed. Occasionally I will put on my CV1, and with zero airflow it is a big difference to me. How does anyone else feel about that small breeze in their Oculus Quest.

I use this Valve Index Frunk Fan Mod, created by a friend that does the same thing for the Valve Index. I really hope developers start adding this in to all headsets because it really is a good feeling.

Grand Champion
I greatly dislike fans, in a quiet room I'd like close to total silence, and not to be able to hear fan noise. Chances are that especially small fans will become more noisy with age and when subjected to dust and wear'n tear. Then again, using CV1 like headphones, fan noise may be really hard to hear, but you don't get such headphones with Quest... 

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