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Finally fixed router stuttering and lag!

Level 4

I have tried so many different options for so many months. No matter what I did airlink and VD would stutter like crazy.

Plugged ethernet cable to router with wifi 5 at 80 hz. Made sure all other devices were on 2.4 ghz wifi. Stutter fest. Unplayable on any setting with bitrate at 0 in the debug tool.

My router is asus ac66u b1.

Know what fixed all my issues?

Downloading the asus router app and disabling ghe 2.4 ghz band completely by ticking the radio box for it on off. 

Wow, finally! For some reason it could not be turned off by logging in to thd router via my pc but the app solved it. Works wonders now even with other devices connected to the 5 ghz band!