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Game freezes on installing


I’m trying to install Pavlov but when it says installing it freezes on installing and I cant uninstall Pavlov because it isn’t downloaded fully yet, also I cant update other apps because of this problem can someone help please?



If you have SideQuest on your computer, connect your headset, launch SideQuest, go to “Currently installed apps,” make sure “Show all” is turned on, find the app called com.oculus.ocms, select it, and choose “Clear app data.”

Now all my apps are gone 😞

We are currently looking into an issue regarding purchases and applications in our store, please bear with us. We are looking for more answers as we speak, and we hope to have an answer for everyone soon enough! 

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That seems to be a separate issue on Oculus’s end.


EDIT: It seems to be working now. Go check if your apps are back.

Now at school checking when I’m back