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Gifting a game

Level 2

Just like everyone else I'm purchasing a few games for my Grandson.  I plan to send the 25 # code to my email address so I can send it to him on Christmas Day.  What is the process for him after I send him the code.  I understand he must go to the site I purchase it from to redeem the gift.  Then what? How does it load to his Quest 2.  Will he know how to do this?  Does it have to download to his Computer then load to his Quest 2 or will it load directly to the quest 2 head set.  I haven't had any experience with the VR  games so I just would like to know just incase I need to help him.  He is smarter than me but being just 10 I would want to know so I could help him load it up.


Thanks for your help