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Got problem with my oculus link

Honored Guest

I'm bored with your help, when I connect my oculus quest 2 to a PC and connect to oculus link, I get a gray screen that starts to flicker a lot, maybe someone has encountered this problem? help solve it


I have already tried to use air link, but everything repeats

Sorry what do you mean "everything repeats"?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Versonya, thanks for reaching out! We understand the inconvenience that an Oculus Link issue would cause. After reviewing all of the troubleshooting steps taken in this thread, it does appear that you are using an unverified cable for Oculus Link. While some users have reported being able to use Oculus Link with an unverified cable, we cannot guarantee that every user will have the same experience. If you're also running into trouble with Air Link, send us a support ticket here and we can further troubleshoot that issue. Cheers!

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