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Guardian on the Quest 2

Honored Guest
Anyone Help with advice on this please.
Ive just bought the Quest 2 to replce my Rift CV1, but want to ask is there anyway to trurn this Guardian system off? its very off putting when your doing your best to enjoy a game, I`m guessing it cant be and its there for peoples safty, but ive used my rift for 5 years with out one so why would i need one now, please tell me you can turn it off?

You need to enable developer mode, but yes you can disable.

Rising Star
You can disable it in developer mode but like....won’t you walk into/hit something? Maybe you’d be better served instead turning down the sensitivity (there’s proximity to guardian and a speed sensitivity option).  I DO use a guardian and I have some dents in my dry wall from pistol whip/super hot. 

Do whatever you want, but be safe! If you haven’t set up developer mode, you’ll be glad you did for various reasons.