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Half-Life Alyx breaks both Steam VR and the Oculus

Level 2

When playing Half-Life Alyx, the game works well for the first hour or so, and then just breaks EVERYTHING horribly. The game drops down to what feels like 1 FPS, then I can no longer interact with Steam VR because it also lags, tracking breaks and the controllers just jump all over the place, opening the Oculus menu also doesn't work. Most of the time the only fix is to unplug the link cable and then exit Steam VR.


I have seen dozens of posts about this, some very old with no solution. Is it just an issue with the Quest that's never gonna get fixed? I bought this primarily for Half-Life Alyx and it is unplayable.


My specs are fine, the game runs perfectly until the actual break. Other things I have tried from some of the posts I found:

  • Set resolution to auto on Steam VR and Oculus
  • Use beta Steam VR
  • Reinstall video drivers
  • Disable motion smoothing

I'm finding it very hard to accept that there's just nothing I can do and that it's just impossible to play this game with this headset.


Level 2

I had some similar issues until i rolled back my nvidia drivers, after that everything went back to normal.

Rolling back the drivers might help, hope this helps if you have an Nvidia GPU

Level 2

What do the Windows logs say?, are there any applications or such that start that coincide with the crash?. Does a reboot resolve the issue?. It could be on the PC side of things. I play Alyx in a similar way but use Desktop VR which I started to do after having Airlink / SteamVR issues