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Has anyone's order from Oculus been shipped yet

Has anyone's order from Oculus been shipped yet ? mines still at processing .

Just got an email from Yodel, they have my Facebook parcel at their main depot. Wednesday delivery 🙂
Curiously, my Oculus order page still shows processing for shipping.
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Yep we all have "processing for shipping" doesn't matter if its via FedX or UPS or apparently Yodel.
So it seems...
AUS get it via FedEx
USA get it via UPS and Canada?
UK gets it via Yodel

Will probably still say "processing for shipping" after we receive them.

I've just got the tracking email (UK).. and despite the original estimate being 13th.. and my order being about 4 seconds after they went live.. Its estimated 14th by Yodel.

Interestingly tracking shows Yodel were informed of the Shipment on the 7th after I was charged, and its been at their hub since yesterday.. so you would assume it could have been on time.. however once I learned it was Yodel ill settle for it arriving in one piece. (Which is increasingly unlikely the longer they have possession of it)

I should have ordered on Amazon. (Its still available Guaranteed delivery 13th on there now with prime)

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Yeah, my Yodel order says it'll arrive on the 14th too. Seems a bit off that I could have got it tomorrow by ordering from Amazon (and still could, looking on there today) but buying direct from Oculus means I have to wait an extra day  😞

To be fair to Facebook.. the delay seems to be Yodel.. But I guess it depends if they paid for a 1 day service or not.. 

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Considering it's Yodel, the estimated date is more of an "ish" time - it's as likely to turn up in the next ten minutes as it is to turn up some time in November...

I live in the midwest States, usually an easy location to ship too..I ordered my Quest 2 barely a couple minutes after
the site went live, and the delivery estimate in the order page data
still says the 13th by 10pm.. But I still haven't gotten anything, no tracking, no UPS mychoice notice..
Common Oculus, I put in an effort to get an
early order, and support says things are supposed to be "first come
first serve".. so I really hope they stick to that original estimate.
And if not, they should have AT LEAST given us tracking by now.. Without any info it feels like it probably hasn't shipped yet, and that's just silly for a US customer who's probably within the first few thousand orders max.
for hardware pre-orders on the freaking launch day like this, everyone
in the first batch SHOULD get theirs the first or second day, depending
on how remotely they live.. Sometimes companies even check how long
delivery will take for a customer, and up the shipping rate to a faster
speed, just to ensure their package gets there on/nearer to the launch
date. But it's starting to seem like Oculus is just sending things out entirely randomly.. Or based on locations.. which is NOT "first come first serve". -_-
I just wish I knew what was going on with my order.. Was really hoping to spend my day off with the Quest 2..
I'm not sure why Oculus thinks it's acceptable to not give us tracking
numbers until like the last day.. I think this happened to me before,
didn't get a tracking number till the day it arrived..

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here in France, ordered the 22nd of september, money taken the 7th of october and still "processing for shipping".
I should have ordered on Amazon 😞

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My order from Oculus was shipped in 2016 😛

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What I find hilarious is that they clearly shipped to shops everywhere already 1-2 weeks ago - You can literally but them ON STOCK in Shops. I don't even know why I bothered ordering at all - Just walk into a Walmart near you and pick it up ...

... but since they already charged and its "processing for shipment", whatever that means, I am sure it would be a headache to cancel that stuff.