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Has anyone's order from Oculus been shipped yet

Level 4
Has anyone's order from Oculus been shipped yet ? mines still at processing .

Level 5
My Headset is supposed to arrive today but nothing about the Headstrap. What a yoke Oculus is - Is this because Facebook is already messing everything up? Really wondering. 

I am just waiting for Oculus Support being taken over by Facebook Support.

"Your support request didn't follow our Facebook Community Standards and your VR Headset will not be able to work for 7 Days. Due to Covid-19 you will not be able to ask for a review of this decision."

Level 2
I'm in the same ship of a lot of you, charged last week and still "in processing for shipping " (the first time it appeared was I think the 6th October) .
I'm not angry, only a little distressed... 

Edit: After 5 hour from this post my oculus 2 arrived... without any notification... I'm really happy now!

Level 4
So, here in the UK, I got an email from Yodel today that my Quest 2 would be delivered between 11:00 and 13:00. I got that email at 12:00 (I've been checking my tracking page all morning and it didn't change until 12:00 either -- a minute earlier it wasn't even at the depot yet, according to the tracker). I saw on the tracking map that I was the first delivery of the day, but the driver was still 4.26km away. Then, six minutes later while the driver was still 4.26km away, the tracking page updated to say that they couldn't gain access to my address, and could I please call them. I should point out that their tracking map also correctly showed my actual location.

I called the number, which refuses to let you speak to a human, and the automated voice said there was no delivery in my location with my tracking number, then hung up on me. So, I tried the webchat. They basically said sorry and they'd have another go tomorrow.

I've changed to 'collect from depot.' All I can say is: Classic Yodel.

Level 5
Contacted Oculus Support in regards to my Head Strap. Basically was told that I cant cancel since its ready for shipment but wasnt shipped yet and will be sent whenever. Nothing I can do about it but wait and live with it.

Level 5
Funny enough, my delivery just arrived - And it was including the Head Strap. WHATEVER. Got it at least.

Level 2
Ordered on the pre-order day, they took the money on Oct.13th and shipped same day with UPS Priority International. 2-Day delivery says I should expect it Friday by end of day. Fingers crossed it holds true!

Level 2
Canx my pre order thru Oculus on the 12 (est delivery was the 20th) and Re-Ordered thru Amazon.  Est. Delivery Thur the 15th.  Just received it.  Charging now.     in USA east cost.

Level 3
Yeah, I ordered a bit late on the 11th, and the estimated time of arrival was on Monday the 19th. So I got an email saying my item was shipped on Thursday but it only said that the Elite Headstrap was shipped and nothing else. So I went on my orders page and it said the Headstrap, Link Cable, and the Quest 2 was shipped. Idk what to do so I’m just going to wait until Monday and see if only 1 items arrives, or all 3.