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Having difficulty in Steam VR with my Quest 2


So, I've seen a few posts but really haven't found a solution as of yet. I'd previously had a CV1 and just bit the bullet on the OQ2. Got the link cable, booted it up on the pc... all is good...

That is, until I try using SteamVR... In the main menu, everything is fine... but in any game I've tried, I'm getting a plethora of issues.

Battlezone won't detect the controllers at all and resetting the view puts me into the floor...

Rez works quite well, except for some reason, whenever I get a bomb, it's automatically used.

Skyrim doesn't seem to detect the controllers either...

Pretty much anything to do with Steam VR just doesn't work at all...


Is there something I'm missing or what? If anyone could offer some assistance with this, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a rather decent collection of VR games on steam and I would hate to essentially have to decide between keeping the quest 2 and throwing away the SteamVR library or vice versa...



I've had some of the same problems with the OQ1 but I still can't find a way to fix it. On top of that, I can't play any game for more than 2-3 min before it kicks me out. I NEED HELP!