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Headset only power up to about 75%

Level 2

The headset will now only charge up to about 75% no matter how long it is left plugged in.
1 The headset is powered down when not in use.
2 The auto start option is turned off
3 I have tried my son's power adapter and USB c lead
4.The LED will turn orange when charging but will not turn to green at all. My adapter and lead charge my son's headset to 100%
5 I have tried a reset.
6 The headset has an average use of about 10 hours per week.
Any suggestion greatly appreciated


Level 2

I have no reply yet from Oculus support.

Level 15

@Timbo42  This problem can be caused by over-discharging your quest battery too often.  Li-ion batteries do not like to be discharged below 20-25%.  They create a lot of heat below these levels and the net result is lower battery life.  Also, Li-ion batteries are normally considered end-of-life when they can no longer charge to at least 80%.  Not saying this is what you've done, but I've seen this happen.


If you contacted Oculus support and started a ticket you should have at least received an email confirming this within 2-3 business days (monday-friday are business days).  So, hopefully they will get back to you soon.  If not, try again and maybe try the chat button (lower right where to lodge your support request).


In the meantime (and if you are out of warranty) your best option would be to get an external battery pack, say 10000-20000mahr.  These are pretty inexpensive and will extend your runtimes quite a bit.  Good luck with all this and cheers.

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