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Help logging in

Honored Guest

I can’t log onto my oculus quest anymore! It keeps telling me “error performing query”


I’ve forgotten my network, reconnected,

I’ve reset my oculus

What am I supposed to do?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, we understand you're having some issues logging in to your Oculus account on your headset. We know this can be frustrating as it hinders your gameplay. Your efforts to resolve this on your own are appreciated. We will do everything we can to help you get back in the VR world. To continue with troubleshooting:

  • Try to log in on a web browser
  • Log out and try to log back in on your mobile app
  • Restart your headset 
  • As a last resort, perform a factory reset

If you are in need of further assistance, just let us know. We're happy to look into this deeper with you. 😊

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