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Hiding all the windows/menus in Home environment?

Expert Protege

Is there and option to hide away ALL the various windows and menus in the Home environment so we can actually have a fully clear view of everything when we want to? 


If not, can we please get this?


A simple long press of the left controllers menu button or something like that would suffice, seeing as that doesn't do anything in the Home environment currently anyway.


However you do it, it would be nice to actually have the option to view the full Home environment freely when we just want to sit back and chill in there for a little while.



Agreed. This seems like the most simple no brainer and I have no idea why there is no clear and easy way to do this. There should be a way to clear all menus and just enjoy the VR environment. Would be even better if there was an audio player app, so you could just simply sit in your virtual environment and enjoy an audio book or something from your music library. We are essentially running an Android device so all the tools are already there.

Managed to remove all menu screens yesterday whilst in home environment but cannot replicate how I did it!?  Crazy I know but I have no idea what combination of button pushes used.  Might have been a glitch but everything came back on when requested.  Driving me mad as I have done it once but cannot replicate!?


One thing I can say is the home environment I was in looked great without the screen.  Would love to try it whilst in space station view.  I will keep trying and advise if I manage to replicate / repeat the process.



If your Quest (1 or 2) has a settings/developer tab (you need a dev account) you can turn off guardian.  When you restart you will be in your home without any panels except maybe your dashboard which you can turn off/on by pressing the right controller Oculus button.

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Heroic Explorer

The best thing you can do is look up at the ceiling and center the headset. It's dumb that there is no way to remove the menus.

Yeah, that's the quickest/easiest/dirtiest "solution" I've come up with for now.

An interesting "solution" but not exactly ideal. Oculus really needs to get this added in there properly.