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Horrible lag when opening oculus quest 2 menu.

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I have a problem when using Oculus link, every time i open oculus menu ( button on right controller) to view desktop or to recenter view, fps drops to like 1 frame per 2 seconds, if i try to press menu button to close the menu it doesnt want to respond, but after a few clicks it does close and everything goes back to normal. This happens in all games. Games them selves run flawlessly. Steam VR overlay (menu button on left controller) to view desktop or recenter view runs without issues. Issue is only with oculus overlay. Tried priority in task manager, downgrading upgrading video drivers, even different monitors with different refresh rates, tried messing with vsync and freesync settings. Nothing helps. Appreciate all suggestions. My specs are:


GPU: GTX 1660Ti 

CPU: i5-10600KF



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I have the same problem. So much lag I can't even reset view in games because the pointer is moving once every second or worse.

After hours of frustration i gave up and reinstalled windows, also reinstalled fresh application for oculus and video drivers. The game ran without any problems. I still have no idea what changes have been made to the computer to cause this issue. But i guess so far its the only solution. To reinstall windows 🙂 Try that, good luck.