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How do i start a new game in "Down the Rabbit Hole"?

Level 2
I just purchased and loaded "Down the Rabbit Hole". I can't figure out how to start a new game. I open the game and the intro graphics are shown. Then I get the screen with "New Game" in a yellow box with an arrow pointing down. My controller won't point and click on the box. I tried all the controller buttons with no luck. What am I doing wrong or missing? The only thing I can do is rotate the screen 360 with the thumb lever.

Level 9

I haven't played this one yet, but I just had a look at a playthrough on YT. It looks like you point the controller at the box and press a button, just like in the Quest main menu. The pointer is a little circle.

Level 2
Just so others see the answer (I'm assuming this person already figured it out); you have to actually reach out with the controller and touch the 'New Game' box, hold your hand as if touching the New Game box and keep it there (it should start to flicker and eventually it will do what it says).   Totally unintuitive.  I just stood there for a long time trying different things.  Hope this helps someone.

Level 7
American McGee's Alice is a classic. I suspect it would put this version to shame but I can't really say I haven't played it. I'm pretty sure it runs on vorpx.