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How does compression over link cable works on quest 2 ?

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 I know... its Magic!

 But seriously, I have a quest 2 and have had pretty good results playing flight sims but still struggle with a few issues  My link cable gets a 3GB connection according to the Oculus test.  Its my understanding that all the data from the graphics card has to be compressed before being sent over the cable to the quest 2 and then the quest 2 decodes the data back into images? How does this process work? what does the compression?  what does the decompression and how fast is all this done? what kind of compression is used? I have noticed in my radeon driver a setting for UDP or TCP for VR streaming protocol ? How does that figure into all this?


I know my rig isn't all that but I find that knowledge and persistence pays off in most cases to get the most out of it for what I want it to do. A good understanding of how things work allows you to make informed decisions about how and where to spend your hard earned dollars to get the best results. I see people with much better equipment having worse problems than me.  So maybe i need a better computer, then again maybe not.




Ryzen 5 3600

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